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Postmodernism is a concept that emerged as an area of  academic study around mid 1980s. It is  a wide variety of concepts which includes architecture, music, literature, fashion, technology, film etc. In 1980s Cold War effect was on the stage , Berlin Wall felt down, rise of neoliberalism was seen. Political climate  changed ,Gorbachov became general secretary of Communist Party. This time period also known as electronic age.  During this period, Postmodernism involves a radical estimate of modern assumptions about culture, identity,history and language. In other words, it points out the role of language, power relations and motivations and in addition  it attacks the meaning of classifications like black vs white, straight vs. gay, male vs. female etc. They wanted to maintain elements from modern utility  while using traditional materials and end forms by ironic self-reference and  absurdity.

Postmodernism started with architecture. It focused on ideal perfection, harmony of form and function and return of ornaments,references. The functional and formalized shapes of modernist movements are replaced by aesthetic unusual surfaces. To create new means of designing building was appeared like adapting Greek and Roman examples. Birth of maximalism, kitschy style, playful and unusual surfaces were seen in architecture. Michael Graves was one of the significant architectures who rejected notion of pure and perfect forms. He borrowed elements and references from past and reintroduced color and symbolism.

Postmodern art has contradictions to some aspects of modernism. It uses artistic elements like collages, simplification, appropriation, depiction of consumer or popular culture. Modernism was based on hierarchy, order, and central control. They used consumption culture, object and reality. However postmodernism supported anarchy, demassified culture, less consumption, subject and virtual.

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