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Swiss style is a kind of graphic style that emerged in Switzerland in 1950s. During 1920s and 1930s most of the skills were based on Swiss industry like pharmaceuticals and mechanical engineering. According to Richard Hollis most of the graphic designers from that decade produced their advertising and technical literature. Because of the industrial impact they admitted design as industrial production. They mostly searched anonymous, objective visual communication. The effects of techniques from that period lifted its effectiveness during 1950s. The style pointed out the importance of cleanliness, readability and objectivity. Asymmetric layouts, usage of grid and typefaces mostly sans-serif like Akzidens Grotesk were seen as a part of design elements. The Swiss style associated with photographic images rather than illustrations and typefaces those have industrial looking. Typography was primary design element in addition to texts.

Swiss style is a one of the key element in history of modernism.Images and texts are organized by geometrical grids and sans-serif typefaces like Helvetica is mostly used. Grid and sans-serif typefaces became crucial  techniques for this graphic design.

Chrisitiana Couceria is a designer who produces collages with Retro Swiss graphic design and traditional images. I really like her interpretations. There are some of the examples below.

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