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An intended departure from traditional understanding or issues and usage of innovative forms or forms of expression that affects styles in arts and literature is called modernism in 20th century. It refers experimental and avant-garde trends mostly in art. In addition it is also reforming previous trends and artistic forms. Modernism is interested in new types of materials and it refers expressing feelings and ideas. This art movement requires audience to be patient or lets say to observe carefully to understand the artist, his ideas, beliefs, environments and intentions before judging the artist or his works. The modernist art is based on creating abstraction rather than representing what is real. Paul Cezanne is known as “father of modernism”. Gustav Klimt, Matisse, Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky and so on are some of the supporters of modernist idea and artistic norms.

The rise of cinema and usage of photography strongly affected modernism by rendering of the representational functions of visual art obsolete. Photorealism was also another issue of modernism. Embedded reality was recreated. Photorealism helped to come back to reality. Vision and image was overlapped. Photograph had become the leading means of reproducing reality  and abstraction that was the focus of art world.

After WWII modernism merged with the consumer culture. Most of the youth  sub-culture members even called themselves as modernist. Merging these two issues caused a radical transformation of meaning of the idea itself.

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