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It is a term that  used to explain the idea of simplicity for both painting, sculpture and design. ” Less is more” is the main slogan for exact simplicity in every details. Art always excludes unnecessary details. It is realignment in art that has America’s hegemony and upsurge in Europe. New researches and interactions occurred. Minimalism mostly based on sculpture. The minimalist sculptures started to question “space”. They had interaction with space.  “Space” is one of the significant issues, the minimalist idea give no space for emotions it also excludes from the idea itself. There is a tension between transcendental and secular arts. Malevich, Bauhaus were early roots for minimalism.

Donald Judd was one of the minimalist artist who sought autonomy and clarity for constructed objects and space was created by it . There is no more inside the painting that means what you see is what you get in his works. He mostly went into notion of space. Theoretically they were much likely Rothko’s works.

Dan Flavin was one of the minimalist artists who firstly conceived of using electric light as an art form. Fluorescent light was used as medium. He used to explore color light and sculptural space. His works are mostly cold, cool, distant  and it helps to creation of space. The objects are very industrial like Duchamp used.

I found some of the minimal logo design which are based on minimal understanding.

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