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Body, performance, action arts were reaction against the common art, ideology  about commodifiable art object. It was a new understanding of sculpture. It became an interest to discover hidden meaning of the body and body used as a political object. The moral values was attacked and rituals, religions, ceremonies, cultural values etc were questioned. Love, war, sexuality,human interaction, violence, moral values, social formations were main issues to perform, they were all matter of body. Performance art involves relation between performer and audience, mostly audience become performers. Because reaction of the audience is deciding factor of the art.

By the end of modernism, body was discovered as a medium of art. Actions,performances, happenings got on the stage. Art got out of the galleries and performed at streets. Social consciousness, emancipation became moral issues.

Carolee Schneeman performed avantgarde art pieces comparison to male colleagues.  In her revolutionary work “Eye Body”, she used her body as substance of art.  In the “interior scrool”   her idea was mostly creative and wild. She stands in nudity on a table and read from her book about Cezanne then she drops the book and a scroll out of her vagina and she starts to read it.

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