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Dadaism is a nihilist movement that is based on irrationality, anarchy, rejection of law, laws of beauty and social organization. It is “anti” of everything, lets say “anti-art”. There is a common belief that its name comes from a French word that means hobby horse. Some people think that it is like a baby talk and much catchy than any other name so they call it as Dada. Dadaism is sarcastic, enjoyable , chaotic as its name. It does not have a bourgeois taste at all  which is also against the bourgeois Victorian values in19th century. Collage, photomontage and assemblage styles are used to develop a design. It was founded in Zürich which was response to World War I. It does not depend on combining aesthetic characteristic.

In the United States the movement was centered in Alfred Steiglizs gallery 291. Marcel Duchamp is one of the well-known artist who supports Dada. The idea is shortly based on making a statement on social values of contemporary world that was faced with destroying war period.

DuChamp was the creator of ready-made art. He transformed everyday object to its context. Even, he exhibited a urinal Fountain as a sculpture and examined what the art is. His works are mostly playful and humorous.

Dada also broke most of the printing traditions. It was a radical approach that created anti,bourgeois outlook on designs. New interpretations of horizontal and vertical dimensions created and used as lines, surfaces etc. Capital lowercase, condensed and light semibold typefaces were used.

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