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In 1920s the WWI was finally over and new attends like recreation of peace and understanding became significant issues. Inflation affected whole Europe and economy was out of control. In Germany they also influenced from this situation ever so much. However new understanding came up like romanticism. They broke the traditional ideas and supported inventions that were something new. Transformation of technology and science and recreation of existing space and time issues became very  much important. Bauhaus movement emerged at that movement which was mostly an architectural movement that included such a good and sophisticated philosophy behind.

Bauhaus school advocated a modernist movement that should be functional. In other words, form always followed function. The minimal understanding, sence of simplicity were fundamental points. This modernist idea was based on rationality and logic. Precision which was matter of astrology, engineering and mathematics. The supporters had to follow analytical way of thinking.

The well-known Bauhaus movement supporters were Wassily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Mies van der Rohe and so on.

Bauhaus movement not existed only for architecture but also furniture design and visual art. I found some of the examples that indicates the idea of Bauhaus.



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