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After the WWI, the old forms and the philosophies are left behind by artists and designers. Industrial age’s machine effect and abstract ideas became more popular. Art and design were two issues which had been separated by each other since the end of the Renaissance however by the help of 20th century’s new trends like I said above caused to improve those issues parallelly. In the 1920s, some artists and architectures influenced by the idea of Dadaism and they formed those ideas and created a new style that was called Stijl –Dutch for the style. Theo van Doesburg was the founder of the movement who was architect. Gerrit Rietveld and Piet Mondrian were the important participants who supported the idea strongly.

The Stijl’s principles those went by Bauhaus. The philosophy was based on functionalism. They reduced geometric shape and forms, used minimalist way of thinking. All the decorative elements, even colors were eliminated, they mostly used the color like white, black, red, yellow and blue. Non-figurative, abstract elements created arithmetic compositions. Purity, abstraction of color and universality were key points by reduction of pure minimalist form and color.  Beyond the subjectivism designs were concerned by functionality and they developed this by spiritual harmony and order. Mostly emotions took off the question.

Piet Mondrian’s two paintings like Broadway Boogie- Woogie and Composition 10 were good examples of the understanding of the philosophy.

Mondrian’s paintings have been using by lots of the designs for industrial purposes.

The Red Blue Chair was made by Gerrit Rietveld. The chair was one of the symbol of interactions of  the De Stijl movement. It was painted the primary colors of the De Stijl like black, white and grey. After the interaction between Rietveld and Mondrian the colors of the chair changed completely like Mondrian’s paintings. It is still displaying in Museum of Modern Art.

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