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Andreas Vesalius was a Belgian anatomist and physician who worked on correcting misconceptions about human anatomy. He analysed human body and became one of the significant scientists of foundation of the modern science. He was actually born into a medical family, in other words he was encouraged about medical practices.

His main practices were about monumental proportions. Additionally his researches were investigating anatomical teachings from antiquity. For those reasons he published books those contained comprehensive researches about human body. The books included enormous anatomical drawings. They also pointed out how muscles were built up. Some of the researches were beneficial to treat diseases.

Body Worlds is a travelling exhibition about presenting human bodies and body parts which resides in Istanbul for couple of months. Body Worlds preserved body parts by using a special technique which is known as plastination to display anatomical structure. German anatomist Gunther von Hagens discovered the technique to show the bodies in specific positions due to enhancing role of certain system. He also uses such a creative way to represent human anatomy.

From Vesalius to Body Worlds, the way of experimenting the human anatomy has been changing  but they both enhance the discover complexity of human body.

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