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The self portraits of Duerer give audience a sense of insight into his character and beliefs.

He was 13 years old when he drew his first self-portrait. The portrait describes the soft features of a young boy. It seems he drew it with a great confidence and admired skill.

This portrait was his first painted self-portrait. He was 22 when his painted it. According to some art critics, it is possible that he painted this portrait as a gift to his fiancée. The look, I mean the features of the painting is still youthful.

Germans considered artists as craftsmen during Middle Ages. However,this idea was unacceptable for Duerer. As an evidence, the second painted self-portrait of him that he painted when he was 26. He dressed up with elegant clothes, looked highly confident. He seemed like aristocratic, slender person who stands much straighter. In addition, different that others  he used a background which was consisted of a window and landscape behind. The face expression looks extremely realistic.

This was the last painted self-portrait which was painted in 1500. He gave himself a sense of Christian look. He looked like Christ and the difference in direction also pointed out much stronger figure. This was the last painted self-portrait because the others could not survive.

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