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Greeks were the first Europeans who wrote with an alphabet and it  from them to the rest of  Europe. That’s why it is the basis of all the modern European alphabet. It constituted the modern European alphabet however it actually descended from Phoenician alphabet. The shape of the letters indicated that Greek adopted Phoenician script  which was around 9th century BC. The Greek historian Herodotus called the letters of the Greek alphabet as “phonikeia grammata” in other words Phoenician letter. Different from Greeks, the Phoenician alphabet’s letters were consisted of  consonants. However Greeks developed that letters were representing some sort of sounds and then they extended it with some letters which were called as “vowels”. For example, the Phoenician letter “aleph” turned into the letter “alpha” which stand for “a ” sound.

Greek alphabet that we recognize today arose after Dark Ages. It was around 800 BC the time which epics of Homer and institution of ancient olympic games existed. Greek  alphabet is the first and the oldest alphabet which is based on narrow sense. It notes each vowel and the consonant with a separate symbol. This way of usage is still continuous use today. The Greek alphabet sets of 24 letters.

As I mentioned before, it effected many alphabets used in Europe, middle East and even latin alphabet. It gave rise to the Gothic, Glagolitic, Cynlic, Captic and Armenian and Latin alphabet.

In addition, today we still use the letters as symbols in maths and science, as part name in physics, as components od star names and some other purposes.

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